Broadcast Production Specialist - 14007C

Duties & Responsibilities:

        Monitor and adjust television equipment during telecasts, cablecasts, class exercises, and recording sessions. (One technician is required at the operational console during all classes and class projects)
        Assist faculty and students in the use of TV facilities, engineers remote television truck productions, and demonstrates audio and video equipment operation
        Provide computer repair and support for digital based video and audio production devices (Autocue, Ross Xpression, VizRT Trio, Newtek Systems)
        Inspect, perform preventive maintenance, diagnose malfunctions, and repair video equipment (cameras, recorders, monitors, routers, switchers, teleprompters, character generators, edit controllers, ENG units, TV remote truck equipment, ASU-TV automation, etc.) to the component level (when appropriate)
        Inspect, perform preventive maintenance, diagnose and repair audio equipment (consoles, analog and digital recorders, CD players, headphones, microphones, cables,  etc.) to the component level (when appropriate)
        Maintain, repair, and adjust satellite receiver to capture, record, and display CNN, ASU-TV, and other special satellite programs as directed by School Director
        Dub, edit, and produce video projects as required for classes, Media Production Program, and others as assigned
        Install new equipment, and modify existing electronic equipment as assigned. Inspect for safety, demonstrate operation, maintain and repair studio lighting equipment (instruments, dimmer system, Mounting apparatus, cables, etc.)
        Research information, make recommendations for purchase of new equipment, and submit requisitions for repair parts as needed for parts inventory and repairs
        Assist faculty and students by solving special audio and video problems such as nonstandard video formats, salvaging damaged video, color correction, etc.
        Assist, provide technical setup and support for special projects (satellite uplink origination, County Spelling Bee, UCP Telethon, Communication Day, etc.)
        Repair and maintain miscellaneous departmental electronic equipment not serviced by Information Technology Services
        Assist with audio and video equipment inventory and check out when work study and Graduate Assistants are not available
        Monitor A-State city wide cable television feed (Ch. 18), and collaborate with Suddenlink cable technicians to insure professional operation of broadcast
        Act as studio supervisor when faculty member is not present
        Monitor TV facilities and shop area for unnecessary clutter and safety hazards
        See that problems are quickly corrected
        Other duties as assigned


Knowledge of Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules and regulations relating to broadcasting, broadcast station operations and procedures, video production and editing and splicing techniques and procedures, and the operation and maintenance requirements of broadcast equipment
Ability to maintain and repair broadcast transmission equipment and maintain logs and tape files

Skill in the use of tools and test equipment used in broadcast transmission and studio equipment maintenance

General Days/Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Additional hours as requested and/or needed, including weekends
Regular and reliable attendance


Please note: all position postings close at 12:00 A.M. CST on the position closing date

Job Requirements

The formal education equivalent of a High School Diploma

Two (2) years of specialized training in electronics technology, broadcast production, or related field

Three (3) years of experience in the operation and repair of broadcast equipment or related area

Other job related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or parts of these basic requirements, except for certification or licensure requirements, upon approval of the qualifications review committee



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