Instructor 12 Mo in Media - F00541

Duties & Responsibilities:

    Plan and coordinate the station’s on-air fundraising drives, write and send letters to current and lapsed donors soliciting renewals, write and record promotional announcements for the drive, schedule social media and email promotion, assist on-air staff in fundraising breaks, track incoming donations, write thank you letters, and maintain the station’s relationship with its donors.
    Communicate and coordinate with the station manager and staff regarding fundraising goals and objectives, scheduling of shifts and breaks during drives, and the progress and milestones achieved.
    The station’s fundraising goals have steadily increased and have met and exceeded those goals every year, funding the programming and assuring the station’s eligibility for the Community Service Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
    Schedule appearances at area business expositions and set up displays at expositions and other station events to enhance awareness of the station and to foster potential business partnerships.
    Seek opportunities and order items for marketing and promotion of the station.
    Assist the Director of Corporate Relations in writing scripts for underwriting announcements and in billing underwriting clients.
    Voice some underwriting announcements.



Ability to organize and implement fundraising drives for KASU, communication effectively on air for development and fundraising events, and effectively market and promote KASU in various outlets.

Effective and oral written communication skills.


General Days/Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Additional hours as requested and/or needed



May Teach up to one class in Media.

Job Requirements

Master’s Degree in Communication or Media.


Commensurate with Experience

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