Maintenance Tech

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

-Maintain all shop equipment in good working order, and perform all routine TPM activities. This includes but is not limited to the following aspects: mechanical functions, electrical controls troubleshooting and programming, and general electric requirements.

-Administer preventive maintenance and calibration activities, and all documentation in the I.M.T.E. system.

-Establish and maintain all dies, machinery and similar inventories in an orderly manner.

-Purchase or requisition, and maintain, an effective spare parts inventory as approved by the Plant Director.

-Provide assistance to maintenance personnel, technician, or assigned personnel with the build and fabrication and maintenance of fixtures and equipment needed to support production and facility needs.

-Provide assistance and training to lead operators or facilitators with the setup of all auxiliary equipment for operation. Equipment includes all equipment and machinery, material conveying system and all other auxiliary equipment necessary.

-Procure, oversee, and assist outside contracted maintenance services as needed.

-Undertake planned and scheduled equipment tear-down, cleaning and re-assembly in support of the shop Continuous Scrap Reduction program.

-Ensure appropriate maintenance of the building and grounds, recommending major maintenance as needed.

-Document and maintain shop safety procedures, including Lockout/Tagout procedures and training. Respond to immediate safety conditions that may develop.

-Participate in Continuous Improvement goals and activities, including 5S activities.

-Actively lead and participate in Lean Management initiatives. Supervisor and/or participate in implementation of Kaizen team recommendations.

-Motivate maintenance personnel to promote a productive and cooperative work environment, and assure a well-trained, effective staff.

-Member of the Safety Committee.

-Perform other related duties as assigned or warranted by conditions.


-Ability to troubleshoot and repair machine control circuits, PLC's and relay ladder logic.

-Ability to read and interpret electrical schematics and equipment blueprints.

-Ability to troubleshoot and repair hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum systems and components.

-Perform general facility repairs including general electrical, plumbing and structural repairs.

-Capable of performing complex machine rebuild and repairs.

-The ability to work effectively in a team, and comfortable with the continuous improvement found in a Lean Management environment.

-Ability to interact positively with others within the plant and office, and outside the facility.

-Responsible to ensure equipment is maintained properly, and downtime kept to within establish standards.

-Ability to properly maintain building and grounds.

-Ability to properly maintain molds.

-Responsible to ensure calibration and preventive maintenance is done according to schedule, and documentation in the I.M.T.E. program up to date and accurate.



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