Outside Sales B2B Account Manager

Achieve above average success in selling office technology  in the Jonesboro area. Consistently attain assigned revenue quota and ensure above average market penetration while building long term rapport with decision makers.

This person would be responsible for developing a needs analysis by evaluating client document workflows and provide a cost saving solution as it relates to selling networked copiers, printers and software based solutions including VIOP Phone Systems

1st year reps typically earn $ 50,000-$ 60,000 annually.

Once established in the territory the income range could be $ 65,000 - $ 75,000 annually.

The ideal canidate would be a native of Jonesboro with strong community ties. Datamax will be opening an office in the near future but in the meantime the ideal canidate would be working from a home office. Self motivated and highly deciplined is a must.



Job Requirements

Above average drive and ambition

Confident in their abilities


Above average agressiveness

Goal oriented

Positive attitude


Good social skills


High energy

Team player


$ 40,000 + Commission + Car allowance + annual bonus

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